Digital CVC Word Practice Mats | -op

These -op CVC Word Practice Mats are a fun and interactive way for students to practice the -op word family. Students will use the Boom Learning platform to access these phonics mats.

These are perfect for a literacy center or you can even assign the Boom Cards for homework or a computer center!



These digital CVC Word Practice Mats are a fun, interactive, and self-correcting way for students to practice reading, typing, and building words in the -op word family.

There are a total of 5 cards, with 5 tasks for students to complete per card. Tasks included on each:

  1. Students will read the word.
  2. Students will type the word.
  3. Students will build the word by dragging and dropping the letters into the boxes.
  4. Students will read the word included in a fluency pyramid. The fluency pyramid offers additional practice with reading common sight words.
  5. Students will pick the correct picture to match the word.

Click here button for a playable preview of -og CVC word mats.

You can also find these word mats in my shop over on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. For security and privacy, adults must have a Boom Learning account to use and assign Boom Cards. You will be able to assign the Boom Cards you are buying with “Fast Pins,” (play provides instant feedback for self-grading Boom Cards). Fast Play is always a free way for students to engage with Boom Cards decks.

If you would like to try out Boom Cards for free, download the preview file, and click on the link! When you click on the link to preview my task cards, you will be directed to the Boom Learning website, where you’ll be prompted to sign up if you don’t already have an account.

If/when you complete your purchase, you will receive a download link that will take you directly to the doom card deck. If you are new to Boom Learning, you will be asked to create an account and the game will be added to your library.

If you choose not to subscribe to Boom Learning you will still be able to use Boom Cards with their Fast Play feature. Again, Fast Play is always a free way for students to engage with Boom Cards decks. For tracking student progress and additional assignment options you’ll need a premium account.

What’s so great about Boom Cards?

Aside from Boom Cards being zero prep, they can also be used in Google Classroom, SeeSaw and/or directly through the Boom Learning website. A purchase will provide you with a license for your whole class to play on one deck, individually or at the same time! They are perfect for remote/distance learning! Note: These files are not meant to be shared. Single purchases are for single classroom use only. You may purchase an additional license if you wish to share the files with another teacher. Additionally, they may not be shared with parents or put on a school-wide server that is not password protected. Sharing is a violation of copyright.

Boom cards are also a fun and interactive way for students to work on specific skills, while also providing you with feedback on students’ progress (if students are logged in). Note: If your students are playing in Fast Play, you will not be able to check their answers.

Although Boom Cards cannot be printed, they are available for play on its own app in the Apple/Play store (Boom Cards), on most popular browsers, and other electronic devices such as iPads, iPhones, Androids, and Kindle Fires.

How do I assign Boom Cards in an LMS (Google Classroom, Schoology, SeeSaw, Canvas, Moodle, Powerschool, Class Dojo, Microsoft Teams and more)?

As mentioned above, Boom Cards can be used in Google Classrooms, as a hyperdoc! Click here, for a video explaining the process.