Short Vowel Word Family Activity Bundle

Teaching little learners to read CVC words is super important for building a strong foundation for reading. It opens their minds to a magical world of understanding how letters can transform into sounds and when they put a string of letters together, they can actually form and read real words. These Short Vowel Word Family Activities are a fun, hands-on way to get your students practicing, reading, and writing CVC words and are sure to increase their CVC word fluency!


Short Vowel Word Family Activity Bundle


Your students will have a ball working with this short a word family activity! This resource is the perfect activity for practicing with CVC words – a set for each vowel. This bundle comes with 156 puzzles – 40 short a puzzles, 24 short e puzzles, 36 short i puzzles, 27 short o puzzles, and 29 short u puzzles.  There are 40 different puzzle patterns so that no two puzzles are the same in each vowel set. This shifts students’ attention away from just matching the shapes of the puzzle pieces, to intentionally thinking about the letter that corresponds with the sounds they hear in the picture word(s). It is the perfect addition to your literacy centers, guided reading groups, or even early finishers and morning tubs.

Students begin their work by finding a picture. They should say the picture name and then start their search for the letter that corresponds with the beginning sound of the picture word. Then, students will continue their search for the correct word family. For additional practice, students can add in letter tiles or magnet letters to reinforce letter/sound correspondence, practicing isolating the onset and rime of each word.

Once students have matched their puzzle pieces together, they will transfer the word they were working with to their recording sheets. This portion of the activity provides students with the opportunity to practice their encoding skills. This will also help students to see where they left off if they do not complete the activity in a single rotation.

There are three different styles of recording sheets for each vowel set for you to use with your students – just pick based on what your students need!

  • Independent: lines are blank and students are responsible for writing the whole word on their own.
  • Moderate: the first letter is provided and students will trace the word family spelling pattern.
  • Full support: students are provided the whole word and will trace.

Short a word families included are:


Short e word families included are:


Short i word families included are:


Short o word families included are:


Short u word families included are:



Due to the number of pieces for the puzzle portion and recording sheets for each student, I store these in a colored clipboard with storage. This allows room for the puzzle pieces and worksheets that students need to complete the activity. The clipboards are color coordinated with the vowel sets for each activity. Each vowel will have its own color and is stored appropriately. For example, short a is red, therefore the puzzle pieces and recording sheets will be stored in the red clipboard with storage.

Another great storage option is the Recollection Photo Keeper Boxes, if you are looking for a smaller option to organize the pieces.

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