Sight Word Practice Worksheets - Set 2

Did you know that sight words make up over 50% of words of general text? I am constantly looking for new ways to expose my Littles to the sight words they encounter every day. These worksheets are far more than just paper and pencil tasks, as they offer a variety of ways for Littles to practice their sight words. Over 400 pages have been bundled together as printable sight word worksheets for kindergarten and first grade that contain the complete Fry First 100 sight words. 


Sight Word Practice Worksheets - Set 2


Give your students meaningful practice with these no prep, print, and go sight word practice worksheets. This set includes 80 worksheets that give students the opportunity to explore their sight words in a variety of ways! They will recognize, trace, write, read, and build sight words, all while reinforcing the skills needed to build great sentences and working on those fine motor skills!

This set includes Sight Word Practice Worksheets using 20 of the Fry First Hundred sight words. Included words: at, be, this, have, from, or, one, had, by, words, but, not, what, all, were, we, when, your, can, said.

This Sight Word Practice Worksheets set includes:

  • 20 practice pages of tracing, writing, unscrambling sight words, and writing their own sentences!
  • 20 practice pages of reading and recognizing sight words in a fun and colorful way!
  • 20 practice pages of unscrambling and writing a sentence the correct way, building sights words, and drawing a picture to match the sentences!
  • 20 practice pages of reading, coloring, writing, and searching for sight words!

Your students will love becoming familiar and being interactive with the words they are exposed to in the daily texts they read – thus, helping them become great readers. Students will also be able to make their own personal connections with their sight words when they write their own sentences and draw their pictures, which will aid in their comprehension.

There are so many different tasks for them to do, they will be focused on the fun they are having, instead of the learning that will be happening.

All you need to do is print student pages, give your students some crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers, {and sometimes scissors} and let the learning fun begin!

These Sight Word Practice Worksheets can also be found in my store on Teachers Pay Teachers, here!

Some suggestions for usage:

  • Whole group practice
  • Independent practice
  • Word Work center
  • Supplemental resource
  • Homework

Need some more ideas for teaching sight words, check out my blog!

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