Stop stressing over how you are going to teach phonics so you can focus on creating instruction that is fun, engaging, and effective.

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Hey, y'all, hey!

Angel, here!  I am a wife, mama, primary teacher, born and raised midwesterner, and lover of all things pink!  I love teaching all subjects but phonics is my real jam!  I enjoy helping other primary teachers level up their phonics instruction by providing all the things fun and engaging, all while sharing what has worked for my kiddos and me.  So, kick the stress and frustration to the curb and come along for the ride!

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If you’re ready to stop struggling with your phonics instruction and finally prepare fun, engaging, and effective lessons that you can feel confident in, I’ve got just the thing for you.

7 Tips For Teaching Phonics Like a Boss will walk you through simple and straightforward things that should be included in every phonics lesson and beyond, so you can create a system that runs on auto-pilot, leaves your students begging for more, and you living out your best teaching life.

Seriously, it really is that simple!

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You can have your fun… and teach, too!

It all starts with creating a system while incorporating elements that will foster the must-do’s of phonics instruction and trickles in the fun and engagement your students need.

Imagine if you could…

  simply revamp what you are already doing.

  feel more confident in teaching phonics to your young learners.

  save countless hours of planning and gain back your time.

    Phonics instruction does not have to be boring and monotonous.  You can absolutely teach phonics while having fun and meeting the needs of your students, without wanting to pull your hair out, and… I can totally help you get started!

    I am ready to learn how to teach phonics like a boss!

    Enter your name and email address and I’ll send 7 Tips For Teaching Phonics Like a Boss straight to your inbox!